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The International Association of Immersive Technology Innovation (IAITI) is a learned society that aims to promote the education, training, research and business applications of immersive technologies.


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Health Care
VR 헤드셋을 사용하는 사람들의 그룹

• IAITI is also collaborating with Korean company, TechVillage, to develop a VR application for stroke rehabilitation. This VR solution gamifies the rehabilitation experience to increase engagement and improve patient recovery. This collaborative project is still in the development stages; therefore, further updates will be made available in due course.

• Currently, IAITI are conducting research on a novel PR in VR (i.e. “Pulmonary Rehabilitation in Virtual Reality”) solution designed for COPD patients to conduct pulmonary rehabilitation from a remote location. The project is in collaboration with Concept Health Technologies, North Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and other NHS organisations and is a continuation of research conducted with patients in Cumbria who first used the PR in VR service.

• This is the UK’s first remotely supervised virtual reality solution that allows COPD patients to access a personalised rehabilitation programme from the comfort of their home. The programme has been found effective in increasing patients' engagement and motivation with their rehabilitation programme and improving their overall wellbeing and health-related quality of life.

게임 기어

• IAITI’s eSports project aims to serve and advance the business interests of the esports industry. VR esports has a vast market and attracts competitive players of all ages from various backgrounds around the world. The industry has gained traction over the past three years and shows no signs of slowing down in 2020 and this project aims to inform future businesses of the relationship between the social and digital realities.

• As this project is in its development stages, further updates will be made available soon.

Education & Training
교육 환경

• IAITI is also looking to introduce the use of immersive technology in the legal education sector. The application of immersive technology has rapidly increased greatly over the past few years in various areas of education and training. Given that it has shown great potential as a learning tool, it is anticipated that virtual reality will prove effective in the legal education sector.

• At the moment, this project is in its development stages, therefore, further updates will be made available shortly.

Tourism & Cultural Heritage
미국 여행

• In collaboration with The People’s History Museum, Manchester, IAITI is integrating an immersive gamified element into two of the museum’s exhibitions with the aim of enhancing the visitor experience. One of the exhibitions uses augmented reality to enhance the information therefore enabling visitors to gain deeper insight into the history of the display. This project has been temporarily put on hold due to COVID-19 but will recommence shortly.

• The BIRDHIVE Lake District experience is a VR application designed to enrich the visitor experience by allowing them to view the tourist destination from a Bird’s Eye View. The 360-degree footage captured by drone features tourist hotspots across the Lake District. This project was initially developed to support the Lake District’s bid to achieve UNESCO World Heritage status and can now be found in the Brockhole Visitor Centre in Windermere, Cumbria.

Media & Entertainment
아티스트 스테이지에서 공연

• Immersive technology combined with Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already impacting the way media is created and consumed and both augmented and virtual reality are set to grow rapidly in the media and entertainment sector over the coming years. 360-degree video, location-based entertainment and immersive media are just some of the ways these technologies are entering the industry. IAITI is interested in collaborating on immersive media and entertainment projects including gaming, film and television, cinema, art, and music.


• Previously, IAITI have conducted research projects exploring the effects of virtual reality on consumer behaviour in urban shopping areas in the UK and abroad. This project aimed to enhance the customer experience using VR and AR to attract shoppers to urban destinations. AITI are interested to expand this research further in collaboration with retail organisations.

• Bricks-and-mortar retailers are facing challenging times with reduced footfall and the rising popularity of online pure players. Forward thinking retailers are embracing immersive technologies to merge their physical and ecommerce stores and shift the focus form purchasing goods to experiencing the brand. Retailers can optimize AR and MR to enhance the online shopping experience by overlaying digital products into the real world and can integrate these technologies in-store to entice people to visit. Virtual reality can be used to create engaging brand experiences and allow for virtual walk-throughs of stores and shopping centres.